My education library is built on three training programmes: The closed on Mondays club, the permanent jewellery launch kit and course, and my online coaching and mentoring service. Whether you want to explore all 3 programmes or have your sights set on 1 in particular, here you’ll find everything you need to get started. 

The dream online toolkit for entrepreneurial women and business owners: a chance to stay ahead of trends, grow in confidence and diversify your income. 


Become a beauty educator & start an academy

An online program where, in as little as 90 days, you will gain your teaching qualification and create and launch your training academy, enabling you to add a high revenue stream to your business. This will allow you to work less and make more

educator Academy



Make more money with a new skill

Our permanent jewellery course is designed to help you master the art of creating a profitable and in-demand service, while providing customers with luxury jewellery pieces that are made to last. No matter your background or experience, this comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know: from the basics of permanent jewellery techniques to advanced marketing strategies.

For beauty-preneurs

Level up your beauty business

Closed on Mondays is an exclusive online community developed by a team of professionals who have spent years growing successful hair and beauty businesses. Whether you want to learn how to grow a strong team of stylists and therapists, ask about cash flow and income, or discuss the latest industry trends with girls n’ guys who just get it, Closed on Mondays is the community you’ve longed for as a business owner. 

“Thank you so much! For everything. This course, and your support has been amazing! The impact of my business, my life, my life is everything So thank you!”

Permanent Jewellery Course - Anonymous

“Within a couple hours I had a private event booked for last night. I can't believe how well it went, I took £750 and that was with reduced introductory prices!"

Permanent Jewellery Course - The Charm Gal

“Permanent Jewellery has been such an amazing addition to my salon, it's so fun to offer something new to where I live. It's a great earner for my business!"

Permanent Jewellery Course - Elly's Beauty Studios

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How to become an educator   and create your own training academy

Learn the steps to create a six-figure training business so that you can share your skills and impact others’ lives while being able to create your own dream lifestyle.


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5 ways to create more freedom        and flexibility as a beauty business owner 

Your essential guide to transforming your salon or beauty business into a thriving, profitable service while reclaiming the freedom and flexibility you deserve..



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I’m Millie Rose Homewood

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial women across the UK create their dream lifestyle. 

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I’m a salon owner, educator, founder of multiple successful businesses and soon to be mum of 2. I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial women create their dream lifestyle. 


I’m Millie Rose Homewood