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You’re forever balancing a busy client schedule with wanting to develop professionally, achieve a healthy work-life balance and stay ahead of the curve. 

You may be experiencing a lack of fulfillment in your work, and often question if you could introduce a new avenue to your business that boosts revenue. 

You come across others delivering training courses and programmes and you’d love to become an educator, but you’re unsure how to get started and successfully attract trainees. 

Sound like you? Keep on reading…

You have big dreams and goals for your beauty business, but often feel like your income doesn’t reflect the number of hours you work, your experience or skill-set. 


Accredited training for ambitious      beauty professionals who want to scale up their business and create profitable courses


Gain a recognised educators diploma

Design your own beauty courses and impact others

Increase and diversify your income

Imagine the opportunity to impact others, teach a subject that you love and skyrocket your income


introducing the online course

Ready to work less and earn more?

 Imagine having the freedom to offer bespoke training courses that are designed around what you’re most passionate about, fit into your timetable and are delivered on your terms. Becoming an educator in the beauty industry opens up exciting opportunities to not only further your career but also to inspire and empower the next generation of beauty professionals. Along with this, you can 5x your income and create more freedom and flexibility in your life. 

I'm Millie rose

your online beauty academy Mentor 

I’ve taught and managed over 50 staff members during my 12 year career in the beauty industry, which has consisted of designing, launching and delivering a number of advanced beauty courses and a training academy. I know what it takes to construct both practical and virtual courses, and the transformative impact this can have in your beauty business’s growth, sustainability and income.


Where it all started

I personally have been able to x5 my income and create more freedom        and flexibility by creating online and in-person programs. To be truthful, it has been life-changing!

That’s why I created the Beauty Educator Academy - to teach other entrepreneurs and beauty business owners how to diversify their offering and introduce one of the most lucrative ways to enhance their income. I’ve packaged everything I know about becoming a successful educator into a 2-part training programme, and worked closely with beauty professionals across the UK to design a course that’s not only practical but also suits busy salon owners. Join me as I help you to navigate the must-haves of creating a profitable training academy, allowing you to become your own boss, generate passive income and inspire others. 


Why choose Millie Rose & the Beauty Educator Academy?

What makes us the leading training provider for beauty educators?


Although the course is delivered over a 12 week period, you’ll have up to 6 months to complete all modules and submit your assignments. All content is delivered and accessible online, so you can study when and where you like!


Our course is one of the most affordable ways to attain not one but two qualifications in one go, including an accredited diploma. We’ve also introduced a four month payment plan to ensure the course is affordable for all. 

Custom built

We’re not just another beauty training provider. We’ve done our research and co-produced the course with salon owners to ensure it’s accessible to all, suited to a busy lifestyle and allows attendees to work at their own pace. 

Ongoing support 

Each module is jam-packed with information and instructions to help you complete independent learning, and you’ll have ongoing support and regular check-ins with Millie over the course of 6 months, as well as an online community where you can share advice with course peers. 

Experienced Educator

I’ve been there and done it. I know what it takes to design and deliver successful in-person and online training courses, and the incredible profit margins it can generate for a beauty business, as well as the endless opportunities for growth.


Our course provides you with 8 modules across 2 curriculums: firstly a recognised educators diploma allowing you to teach any aspect of beauty that you’re already qualified in, and secondly a custom-built certification in effectively designing, delivering and marketing your own training programme(s). 

What’s included:

  • A globally recognised course Accreditation: Level 3 Award in Education & Training 
  • Access to 8 modules over a 12 week online programme
  • Regular live group coaching sessions (every fortnight)
  • Ongoing educator support 
  • Post course support
  • Flexibility to study at your own pace
  • Templates to design your own beauty courses
  • Accountability and personalised feedback
  • Guest expert calls


the course

Learn the steps to creating a six-figure training business so that you can share your skills and impact others’ lives while being able to create your own dream lifestyle

Our course provides you with a recognised educators diploma allowing you to teach any aspect of beauty that you’re already qualified in. Whether you’re a lash tech, permanent makeup artist, nail tech or massage therapist, our training programme will enable you to create more freedom and flexibility in your life whilst being able to impact others. 

Curriculum 1 ‘Learn’

Education & Training Diploma (level 3)

Module one

Approaches to teaching and learning

We’ll lay the groundwork so that you know the fundamentals of becoming a successful educator, including essential approaches to teaching and learning. You’ll gain a better understanding of student-centered learning, critical thinking, active engagement and problem-solving skills. 

Module TWO

Roles and Responsibilities

During this module you’ll learn the ethics around being an educator, and how to create an inclusive learning environment in line with relevant legislation and equality and diversity practices. We will not only teach you your responsibilities as an educator, but also how to ensure your students understand their responsibilities as a learner. 

Module Three

Session Planning and Delivery

Module 3 encompasses the planning of teaching and learning and how to effectively organise, deliver and facilitate meaningful educational experiences. We will also discuss identifying learning needs, objectives and outcomes, and how to tailor these to training programmes within the beauty industry. 

Module FOUR

Practical Assessment

This sound’s scarier than it is! During module 4 you will be required to send us a short video of you teaching to gain your qualification. This can be in a learning environment of your choice, with practice students. Don’t worry, by this point we would’ve taught you everything you need to know and you’ll be feeling super confident. This is also the exciting part, as it’s when you become a qualified educator.  

Module Five

Identifying Your Niche

We get it, the beauty industry can feel like a competitive space, with a constant stream of new trends, programmes and products. That’s why identifying your niche and learning how to define your specialism is so important. We’ll teach you how to create a show-stopping brand that stands out from the crowd and create a training programme that directly reaches your dream students. 

Curriculum 2 ‘Launch’

Launching your own profitable training academy programme

Module SIX

Building Your Programme

This module will deep-dive into the practicalities of designing your programme’s content and how to ensure its delivery is achievable and profitable. You’ll map out your programme’s delivery to help give you an idea of time-frames, costing and the enrollment process. You’ll also be provided with easy to follow course structure templates and guidance on how to set up course portals. 

Module Seven

Accreditation and Insurance

Module 7 will teach you the legalities and steps on how to gain accreditation for your courses, to ensure you’re not only complying with industry standards, but also delivering courses that are high-quality and attractive to prospective learners. You’ll also learn how accreditation directly affects insurance, and how you can mentor students to secure the relevant certifications and insurance.  

Module eight

Marketing and Launch Stage

By module 8 you will have identified your niche, designed your brand, built your course, priced your programme and sourced the relevant accreditation. Now, there’s only one thing left to do - tell people about it! During this module we will help you develop a successful launch strategy in order to attract new students through means of digital marketing and social media. 

This is for you if…


You have experience in the beauty industry


You would like to share your skills and impact others


You would like the opportunity to earn 5x more


You would like to earn more and work less

This is not for you if…


You have under 6 months experience


You don’t like the thought of helping others


You don’t want to invest in the future of your business


You’re not prepared to undergo more learning

did you hear...

You'll also get these


Being a part of the Beauty Educator Academy means you’ll also have access to our guest experts, offering invaluable insights from seasoned professionals at the forefront of their industry. During the course you’ll interact with a number of experienced educators, bringing a wealth of knowledge, sharing insider tips, latest trends, and proven strategies to empower you on your journey to becoming an educator. Access to guest experts means refining your skills, expanding your network, and taking your career to new heights.

Guest Expert Calls

We’ve invented a number of manual templates, social media templates and presentation slides that you can customise with your own branding in a matter of minutes, meaning your course will be ready to deliver much sooner than you think! Typically you’d pay a graphic designer thousands of pounds to professionally design your content, but our customisable templates are all included in the programme fee. Thanks to our ready-made Canva templates, you’ll save yourself hours of design work (and lots of frustration if you don’t enjoy the intricacies of design!)

Canva Templates









 What’s the investment?

Let's get you started!

pay monthly



*Investment is inclusive of VAT

x4 Payments

pay in full



*Investment is inclusive of VAT
**Save £200 when you pay in full

One Time Payment

best     value





If you’ve got experience in the beauty industry and have a passion for sharing your knowledge with others, then this course is for you. 

How do I know if this course is for me?



We require that you have at least 6 months experience before taking the course. This doesn’t need to be experience in a certain area, just across the beauty industry.

How experienced do I need to be?


The course is designed to be completed over a 12 week period. All of the training modules will be pre-recorded so that you can work through them at your own pace. There will also be live group calls that you can access for individual support. If you can’t make the time they will be available to catch on replay.

How much time will I need to DEDICATE TO THE COURSE?


You will gain a Level 3 Education and Training diploma, accredited by ABT plus a ‘Beauty Educator’ certificate.

What qualification will I gain from the course?


Not quite, we accept attendees every 3 months. Our next deadline is the 24th April 2024. There are limited spaces available so we encourage you to register your interest quickly!

Can I enroll at any time?


All assignments are due 6 months after your start date, which is when you will be awarded your accreditation. There is also an option to gain your certificate earlier if you complete all modules.

How long do I have to finish the course?


You can apply for accreditation to teach any qualification that you have a certification in! We’d always encourage you to choose the topic you’re most passionate about, but we’ll teach you about finding your niche during the course. 

What can I teach after the course?


We will be enrolling students regularly throughout the year, so keep an eye on our website and Millie’s social media accounts to stay up to date with our enrolment deadlines. 

I’ve missed the deadline this time - when can I apply again?


Ready to take action and invest in your future?

Gain your teaching qualification and learn the blueprint to create a     profitable       training academy in as little as 90 days. 


 Think about where you could be six months time if you take action today. You could be well on your way to delivering a successful training programme that brings you flexibility, fulfilment, and financial freedom. 

What happens if you don’t take action?

Be prepared to feel frustrated as others continue to grow their businesses and deliver education and training programmes that you’re more than capable of delivering. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from the lifestyle you want and deserve. With our step-by-step guidance and ongoing support, you can create profitable training courses that excite you, generate passive income and set you apart from the competition.


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I’m Millie Rose Homewood

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial women across the UK create their dream lifestyle. 

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I’m Millie Rose Homewood