I’m millie rose

Salon owner
& educator

Most people know me as the face     behind my Lowestoft-based salon, Millie Rose, my online homeware store, Homewood and Rose, or my newest venture: Permanent Jewellery. 

the face

For a long time I assumed, like many of us, that the only path to success is hard graft, long hours, and compensating my personal life for a shot at financial freedom. 

However, after having my first child, I chose to switch things up and build businesses that suited my lifestyle and my new priorities as a mum, rather than burning the candles at both ends. 

My family quickly became my ‘why.’ 

• I wanted to build businesses that granted financial freedom.

• I never want to go back to the 9-5 lifestyle. 

• I want to be a role model and inspiration to my little girl, so that she can achieve all of her dreams one day. 


Throughout my professional career so far, I’ve built sustainable business models through monetising trends which has given me the flexibility to be creative and diversify my income streams. From e-commerce shops selling dried flowers to service-based businesses offering permanent make-up, I’ve continuously identified gaps in the market and harnessed opportunities for growth. 

Over a 12-year period working in the beauty, skincare, interiors and lifestyle industries, I’ve supported like-minded entrepreneurs and female professionals to grow in confidence and overcome a number of barriers to achieving their dream lifestyle. 

Whether it’s launching their own permanent jewellery business, developing an e-commerce brand or streamlining their offerings, I’ve helped a number of aspirational women achieve their ultimate ambitions.  

I pride myself on creating business with high-impact income and breaking down the damaging hustle narrative that consumes so many of us. 

Thanks to the ‘work hard play hard’ culture, I spent a long time thinking that the more tasks and businesses I juggled, the more accomplished and celebrated I’d be as a business owner.

When, in reality, I’ve learnt that slowing down, creating space and taking genuine care of ourselves is what’s really important.

The last few years have taught me that allowing myself time to grow, learn and focus on my wellbeing as a whole not only alleviates unnecessary stress, but also gives me the space to streamline my goals and aspirations. 

I call it my ease and flow era, and I’d love for you to join me.

If you think that:

Working hard and long hours is the only route to high income

Having a work-life balance while raising a family is unachievable

That your only choice is to pick one business route

That your self-worth is tied directly to your work and professional achievements

I’ve learnt that to grow a successful business                you don’t need to trade in your personal life. It’s time to wave goodbye to the all-consuming hustle culture, and welcome a life of freedom and flexibility. 

successful business

At 19-years-old I was frequently told that I was too young and inexperienced to set up my own business. I felt dismissed by many - which made me even more determined to be taken seriously and prove the critics wrong. 

Only two weeks after opening my first salon in 2012, I took on a new staff member due to enhanced demand. I knew then that I had an eye for business growth and the ability to develop a service that met - and exceeded - the needs of my customers. 

Within a year, I had grown to 12 staff members, and was awarded Most Promising New Business at the 2014 Waveney Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

I went on to achieve 3 more recognitions within the beauty industry, and more recently was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2022 Suffolk Business Awards. 

a look back


From as young as 6 years-old, my parents tell stories of my entrepreneurial ways. From selling potions to convincing school friends to buy my badges.

Becoming an “overnight success” took me ten years of hard work. Here’s the timeline!

Baby Millie


At age 12 I moved to France, navigating the challenges of growing up as a teenager in a new culture and learning a new language. 


At age 15 I flew to Spain to train in nails, and started my own business from my parent’s home. 



At age 16 I moved back to England and trained in beauty, building my own website and offering mobile services - which grew quicker than I could’ve ever imagined. 


award winner

At the age of 17 I was awarded ‘entrepreneur in the making’ at college, where I was selling hair extensions and shoes as a ‘side hustle’. 


I began working all across East Anglia as a self-employed make-up artist, specialising in bridal make-up. 


I opened my salon at the age of 19 - ‘Millie Rose.’ I quickly grew a team of hair stylists, beauty therapists and permanent make up artists.



my salon

Two years later, I purchased the building and fully owned the salon.


At age 22 I opened a training academy opposite my salon called IHBA - offering NVQ qualifications and permanent makeup training. I was also approached by TV stations to travel to production sets as a make-up artist, working on reality tv programmes such as The Only Way is Essex. 


and rose

I saw a gap in the market during lockdown, and turned my hand to e-commerce, opening my online store: Homewood and Rose, which turned out to be one of my most successful and profitable businesses to date.


I had my beautiful little girl, Bay, and decided to try and make my businesses fit better around my new lifestyle. 


My beautiful bay

 I began offering permanent jewellery as a service at my salon and at pop-up events. I quickly identified that permanent jewellery was a fast-growing and in-demand service with a profitable business model, so launched my own online course. 


welded jewellery service

I’ve proudly owned my salon for over 11 years and have a team of 17 talented hair stylists and beauty therapists, as well as developing a number of successful businesses and training courses. Now, I can’t wait to pass on my skills and knowledge to like-minded entrepreneurs, female founders and mamabosses.


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I’m Millie Rose Homewood

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial women across the UK create their dream lifestyle. 

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I’m a salon owner, educator, founder of multiple successful businesses and soon to be mum of 2. I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurial women create their dream lifestyle. 


I’m Millie Rose Homewood